Signwave Events

ACE Technology

Signwave is ace technology where integration, human interaction and personalization are superior.

Integrated: Signwave integrates easily with your line of business applications making display content rich and more relevant to your business

Interactive: Signwave makes your digital displays smart, responding to people's human gestures and changing content

Personalised: Signwave integrates with different personalization devices pushing right content to right person fronting right display.

Signwave Server

Signwave Server works in both cloud and on-premise modes depending on customer needs. Signwave server is built on top of the world leading Content Management System, Microsoft SharePoint 2013. All digital content is managed by the CMS while Signwave server is handling the content pushing to digital screens based on their needs, actions, designs and schedules.


Signwave Player hardware comes in very small design that can be easily attached to your digital screens or it can also come built inside the digital screen. So it depends on your needs, we will propose the player hardware and software that suit your needs.

Professional Services

GlobeSoft has highly trained professional services team in order to provide Signwave implementation services. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Screen designs
  • Content creation
  • Integration with Line of Business applications
  • Developing new triggers and actions
  • Integrating personalization devices


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Signwave is developed by GlobeSoft. GlobeSoft, founded in 2003, is software products developer & IT professional services provider with top-notch technical team specialized in Microsoft SharePoint 2013 solutions, Business Intelligence, Smart document management and archiving, mobile applications development, multimedia and educational portals and peocess automation solutions. For more information about GlobeSoft, visit us on GlobeSoft has presence in Egypt, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia and East & West Africa.