Signwave in different industries

Signwave in Retail

Signwave has numerous features that make retail digital signage more impressive and relevant to business. These features help make content showing on digital signs related to the sign surrounding such as if there is motion or not, who is standing in front of sign (gender, age, face features). It also help make the sign interact with audience through gestures or object touching.

Signwave can fit perfectly in malls, showrooms, stores. Also features and gadgets available in Signwave such as prayer times, weather, camera, clock and others can enrich the retail digital signage.

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Signwave for Meeting Room Booking and Signage

Signwave has unique implementation for meeting room signage screen. Imagine that you can any number of meeting rooms with signage screen at each room showing next events with event’s attendees.

Signwave creates this scenario out-of-the-box with no single line of code, only drag the meeting room gadget in your design and you are done.

Signwave is open to integrate with any software used in your enterprise for meeting room booking such as Microsoft Exchange / Outlook or any room scheduling software.

Signwave allows attendees use their ID cards in order to check-in meetings and each time attendee checks-in the meeting, screen shows immediately who attended on the screen. Moreover, Signwave allows creating any reports about meetings, attendees, attendance and can also export all this data to any standard format.

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Signwave in Public Area

Signwave has numerous features that can bring a new wave of smart Digital Signage to public areaslike airports, museums, national libraries, stadiums, rail stations and governmental centers and buildings. Signwave can create interactive signage application with many out-of-the-box features in few minutes with no code. Integration with FIDS in airports, with Library systems in libraries, with heritage databases in museums, with HR system in government in addition to interaction through NFC cards, gestures and touch can add a lot of values to the signage application.

If you are in one of the public area businesses and interested in Digital Signage, contact us on asking for product demo.

Signwave in Education

Signwave work perfectly in education, in both K-12 and in higher education. Through features like open integration with LOB systems, Signwave can integrate with your School Management System or Learning Management System in order to mix signage content with your educational data and information.

Moreover, Signwave has out-of-the-box features to interact with screen and personalize its content. So students can touch screens with ID cards in order to get their education personalized information while all this information disappears with removing the ID. This makes your signage screen in school area or in university compass showing signage content as well as education information the same time. This enriches the Digital Signage solution dramatically in education use.

If you are in Education area and interested in Digital Signage solutions, contact us on asking for product demo.

Signwave in Telco

Telco is unique area for Signwave as telco does not get to use Signwave only in showrooms and public areas for advertisement and public communication but also telco operators can be partners in using Signwave as part of their SME cloud offerings. Digital Signage gives operators distinguished offering beyond mail and web hosting and other traditional cloud offerings.

In showrooms, Signwave gives telco marketing team a great tool to communication with customers and community any new plans, offers, advantages, etc. Moreover, consumers can use digital signs as tool to get customized and personalized information related to their lines.

Signwave gives telco team all the tools and integration and interactivity capabilities to build their digital marketing campaigns the fastest way and with very high impact on customers.

If you are Telco operator and interested to know how Digital Signage can work for you, contact us on asking for product demo.

Signwave in Entertainment and Advertisement

Entertainment and advertisement is one of the major areas for using Digital Signage. Signwave can do miracles out-of-the-box in this area. Signwave is implemented perfectly in Cinemas and Theatres, Indoor and Outdoor Advertisement and Vending Machine Advertisement.

Signwave has features like Chroma effect that comes out-of-the-box making your digital signage as background showing people moving around appear on this background and with one click, their photo can be printed on photo card. All this can happen in less than 20 seconds and without writing any code or complex configuration. It is an amazing feature that can work in hundreds of applications.

If you are in Entertainment or Advertisement business and interested in Digital Signage, contact us on asking for product demo.


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